An International Double-blind, Peer - Review Journal by NSTRI
Volume 2 (2022)
Volume 1 (2021)

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Number of Volume 3

Number of Issue 8

Number of Articles 54

Number of Contributors 168

Article View 8,200

PDf Download 5,697

View Per Article 151.85

Number of Submissions 104

Acceptance Rate 28 %

Time to Accept (Days) 113

Number of Indexing Databases 7

Number of Reviewers 605


Journal of Nuclear Research and Applications-JONRA is an open access journal published quarterly. There is no charge for the article submission and article processing. Nuclear science and Technology Research Institute is the founder of the Journal and appoints the editorial boards. All submissions go through a fair, helpful, and double-blind peer review procedure after being screened for resemblance using reliable software to ensure their originality.

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