An International Double-Blind, Peer-Review Journal by NSTRI

Document Type : Research paper


Radiation Applications Research School, Nuclear Science & Technology Research Institute, Tehran, Iran


In a radiation individual monitoring program, the type testing of measuring devices is a great important part of the quality management system. The IEC-62387 standard applies to dosimetry systems that measure external photon and/or beta radiation within limited ranges of the associated physical parameters. In this work, a type-testing program was conducted for a manual thermoluminescence dosimetry (TLD) reader employing the IEC-62387  radiation and environmental performance criteria. The uncertainty of non-linearity of the response of the dosimetry system in a range of 0.7-850 mSv was obtained between -15% and + 17%, which fulfilled the IEC standard range of -16% to +18%. Furthermore, the total uncertainty of all reader tests was measured to be 12%, which was less than the criteria of 20% in the IEC standard. Thus, it can be concluded that the TLD reader met all requirements of the IEC standard for the reader-tests by an appropriate margin.


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