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Document Type : Research paper


1 Physics & Accelerators Research School, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, 14395-836 Tehran, Iran

2 Physics & Accelerators Research School, Nuclear Science, and Technology Research Institute, 14395-836 Tehran, Iran

3 Director Management of Geohazards, Engineering and Environmental Geology, Tehran, Iran

4 Geological Survey of Iran

5 Geological Survey of Iran, Southwestern Area (Ahvaz Center), Ahvaz, Iran


The aim of this study was to investigate the distribution of natural and anthropogenic pollutants and the enrichment of elements in air dust, in Khuzestan province, following the dust events. Dust samples were collected from nine regions including, Abadan, Ahvaz, Hoveyzeh, Susangerd, Shush, Omidieh, Ramhormoz, and Mahshahr. The concentration of elements was measured by INAA nuclear technique. Using the results of PMF modeling and investigation of obtained factors, for each sample, a suitable reference element with the least influence from pollutant sources was selected and used for EF calculations. The results showed very large enrichments with EF> 20 for elements such as Zn, Se, Br in Susangerd, Ahvaz, and Abadan respectively. The concentrations of Fe, Al, and Mg in some areas of the province were much higher than LC50. The study of the enrichment factors along with the correlations between the elements in the samples of various regions showed their dependence on local pollutant sources.