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Plasma and Nuclear Fusion Research School, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI), P.O. Box: 14399-51113, Tehran, Iran


This paper investigates the effect of circuit inductance on pinch-time of plasma focus. The dense plasma focus is a plasma discharge powered by a capacitor bank. The Mather type Dense Plasma Focus is constructed in cylindrical geometry and is made up of coaxial anodes and cathodes with varying radiuses. An insulator sleeve separates the electrodes, and the cathode rode forms circles around the anode tube. Different parameters, such as geometry and structure of the anode bar, and decreasing inductance are involved in the optimization of plasma focus. One way to increase the gain and optimization of pulsed plasma systems is to reduce the inductance of the circuit. For this purpose, we investigate the effect of different values of total circuit inductance on pinch formation time. Experimental and simulation results are compared. the proposed system shows a decent functionality that if the inductance reduces, the efficiency of the system will increase.


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