An International Double-Blind, Peer-Review Journal by NSTRI

Peer Review Process

Articles submitted to the Journal of Nuclear Research and Applications are reviewed by the editorial team. Respective reviewers would be identified provided that the articles submitted were in line with the scope of the journal’s subject and objectives. Each Manuscript is reviewed by at least two expert reviewers. Among the duties of the editorial team are reviewing, accepting, and rejecting the papers.

Step by step guide to review a manuscript

  1. An email will be sent to the respected referees on the reviewing list with the options of accepting or refusing to review.
  2. After accepting to review the manuscript, another email with the manuscript code will be sent to the reviewers, and a direct access link to the reviewing page will be provided.
  3. After entering the link to the specialized reviewing page, click the article code link. A page will be opened where the article file can be downloaded.
  4. Upon downloading file, one must review the article and fill in the evaluation form. (Articles that need editing can also be downloaded and reviewed here).
  5. After completing the evaluation form, the final consideration will be selected and sent to the journal. Here, if the article needs further explanation, it should be prepared and uploaded separately.
  6. Finally, select "Submit Review Result to the Editor" to submit the review result to the expert editor. It should be noted that all of the mentioned steps are also in place for reviewing revised manuscripts.