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1 Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research School, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute

2 Material and Nuclear Fuel School, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, (NSTRI), P.O.Box. 11365-8486, Tehran, Iran,


This study examined the kinetics of the reaction between tellurium oxide (TeO2) and fluorine gas (F2) to produce tellurium hexafluoride gas (TeF6). This investigation was conducted between 150 and 250 °C and between 1 and 2 bar of pressure. To achieve this, a volumetric method was used in the design and construction of a laboratory system. The supply of feed gases, the fluorination reactor, and the collection and removal of the unreacted gases make up the three primary components of this laboratory system. To obtain the kinetic parameters, the Arrhenius form of the reaction rate was used. The obtained results showed that the fluorination reaction of tellurium oxide is a first-order reaction between 150 to 200 °C and a second-order reaction at 250 °C. The AARE values were calculated 0.57% and 0.46%, respectively, which indicates the excellent ability of kinetic models to predict the reaction kinetics of TeF6 gas production.


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